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Cant get enough? Visit my gallary slideshow to see the many phases of Scarlett and friends. 

***New pics just added***


VIP+ "Relationships" / INTERACTIVE Premium Access

Premium PLUS - not just for Snapchat anymore!!. 

Want more than just pictures? Tired of being Lonely. Too busy for a full time relationship? Let me be your part time snuggle buddy  - available at your convenience

*(Dont use Snapchat, no problem there is an option for everyone)*

Want to be apart of my world

Pillow talk, Custom videos made to order, Items from videos, Shenigans, Snap shows, etc. 


Possibilities are endless

Video vixen

Dating  /  Companionship

Sensual NURU Massage

Bubble Baths / Shower for 2


Sometimes no words at all are needed



Professional Cuddler

100% Therapeutic cuddling ONLY.  Participants will remain clothed

 **Please note Therapeutic Cuddling service is NOT an offer for prostitution or anything illegal** 

Virtual Relationships

Too busy to pursue a REAL relationship & the responsibilities that comes with it. Looking for companionship and intimate connection. Try a part time Girlfriend/Mistress.  Sugar Baby.

 **Choose the level of commitment you are interested in - emails, daily text, pillow talk, video chats, date nights, and of course sexy pics. All the benefits of a loving caring partner - with a naughty pornstar twist but only part time dating when its convenient

Spend time with someone that actually wants to know you and what makes you tick. The more time we spend together the closer we become with each experience exceeding the time before. I  love conversation, Can you stimulate my mind?

VIP Party Hostess & VIP guest

The Hostess w/da Mostest loves to exceed all expectations. And she brought all her sexy friends!!

Just need an extra set of hands? Someone to handle everything the day of so you can have fun.  Need some ladies or men to be the eye candy and provide necessary distraction while you close the big deal.

Able to host any type of party: Swinger dating events, Bachelor & Bachelorette parties, Adult Bday party, Spin the Bottle, Condo take over, etc. Provide adult companionship, relaxing touch, mind blowing release.


Date night, Company parties, sporting events. Need a date for the wedding. 

Just tired of eating dinner alone, need companionship.   Want to enjoy a home cooked meal in with a sexy chef.

You only need to decide how long and what you are wanting to do. The time is yours 

Loving touch, Companionship and sensual massage are just a few of my skills


***coming soon**